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Trademark Employment Services, Inc., charges by the hour for each worker supplied. You pay only for the actual work done (minimum of 4 hours), satisfaction guaranteed! Trademark will replace any worker (during the first 4 hours), who does not perform, free of charge! Still not convinced? Try our “temp-to-perm” service. You will have 90 days to evaluate an employee before committing to permanent status. Fill out the job order form or contact one of our representatives today!

  • What we cover:

    • Workers' compensation
    • Federal unemployment & taxes
    • State unemployment & taxes
    • Social security
    • Medicare
    • Other required benefits
    • Vacation bonus after 1,500 hours worked
  • Where you save:

    • Help wanted advertising
    • Time screening candidates
    • Administrative expenses
    • Life & health insurance expenses
    • Payroll & accounting expenses
    •Workplace accidents covered by our workers' compensation insurance
    •Lay-offs or terminations covered by our unemployment insurance